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Emedica have produced a set of FREE sample UKCAT questions to help you prepare for your test. The screen layout has been designed to be as close as possible to the real exam so you can become familiar with the format.

The questions are presented in the format of a complete short UKCAT test, with questions from each of the 4 marked sections, in the same order as the real exam.

The questions are NOT timed, and there are answers and explanations for each question to help you understand HOW the questions are marked, and WHY the correct answer is correct.

To simulate the test conditions, you should MAXIMISE your browser window (press F11).

To access the practice questions, press START below (the test will open in a new window):

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If you found our FREE UKCAT questions helpful, you can access our complete UKCAT revision package, with over 2000 UKCAT questions to help you prepare for your UKCAT exam:

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